Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Happy Dog Box

I think this is my final post and I am officially caught up from the weekend!

I was surprised to see this box on Monday- surprised and slightly delighted, but also worried, because I've emailed this company back and forth and hopefully they have officially cancelled my account.

Basically, I signed up for this box months and months ago, then caught word this one might be a scam, so immediately I was emailing to get my money back and have my subscription cancelled.

Thankfully, it's not a scam and I got a box!

 This is a good size box (which is awesome, because every box I get is being used to pack!)
 And thankfully it came with an info card.

 I kind of think this thing is pretty awesome! It doesn't hold treats like the Kong does, Berkley can easily get the treats out, but it's pretty awesome looking!
 Here's what we got:
Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Treats (Hip & Joint) $15.95 ($16 for dog treats?!)
Woofables Bakery Bag of Treats Seems to be about $10.99/lb. After checking out the website, they look pretty nice- lots of variety. (
Barkworthies Long Curly Bully Stick $6.43
Earth Rated Poop Bags: $3.99 Of course they send me one of these, as I've got years without buying, finally bought one plus a bunch of bags and I get one for free!
Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Treat Dispenser $10.99
Pet Kelp Kelpies Pumpkin Point Nutritional Treats for Dogs $11.69
I paid $1.99 for this box- it's valued at $60.04!

 We tried the Monster Mouth, Woofables Treats (Very hard!) and we opened the Dynamo Dog Treats to put in the Monster Mouth.
Treats just don't really benefit us, because we don't feed Berkley a lot of treats- he doesn't really need them, plus he has very dry skin and any treats or foods that have corn grain, etc dry out his skin.

Overall, this was a nice box. It was the first pet-themed box we have ever gotten and as much as I'd love to continue this for Berkley, it just isn't an essential expense for us right now.
If you are interested, you can sign up for Happy Dog Box and try one month for $1.99 and every additional month for $29.99


  1. Regarding the "Happy Dog Box"- I ordered this box (did the deal and paid $4.99) and received it yesterday. We were missing the Dynamo grain-free treats in our box, so I contacted Happy Dog Box to see if they would send it out. They said that due to the shipping costs of the "free" boxes, it would be better ($$) for them if they could put it in my second box. I told them that we wanted to try these treats (grain free- the other two treats weren't, so my dog couldn't try them) and if we couldn't, to just cancel my membership.

    They did so (supposedly) and when I tried talking to them again, saying that I'd dispute the charge since they didn't even send me a full box as promised, they flat out ignored my private messages. I wrote a detailed POSITIVE blog review last night, but I'll be editing that review for sure. If they wanted to become successful, a good tip is to NOT piss off customers who are also bloggers. I really liked the box otherwise, but their customer service completely turned me off this box. I'll be sticking with BarkBox! So much for their "100% Guarantee" that they have listed on their website! :(

  2. I had to email back and forth with them as well, and then they sent me an "official" cancellation email- like what, before I was unofficially cancelled?

    I just hope I don't get any more charges!

    This is definitely the issue with sub boxes, some just don't know when to quit!

  3. Jessica- I am getting my first BarkBox this month- and I've heard good things! So I guess I should've listened to the popular opinion and just stayed with that, haha! Oh well- we learned a lesson, right?

  4. Hey, I can't seem to find your email. So could you possibly email me to ask you a question?

  5. We loved this box when we got it. My dog went nuts with the toy and spent 4 solid hours wildly jumping and throwing himself about. It was fantastic fun for all of us!


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